“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

                                                                                             –  Buddha


The main problem is we expect too much for our life ….. Money, fame, family, royalty, respect ….

But the main reason to be happy upon is that we have it all once ….. But we were too careless to let it lost in the memories of time …..

Life is to be happy …. To live upon what we have today ….

Not to be feeling sad on what we had yesterday …..

Expect everything from life …. But for this u should feel your positiveness towards life …..

A small story on mine :

Today was the day of India’s Independence Day ….. 15th August 2012 …. Where India is 65 years old Independent country …

For many of  my fellow country-men today’s day must be just a mere holiday to rest upon ….. But for me today was an “Inspirational day” …

Inspirational because until today I took my life very very complicatedly and unfair all the time …..

But from today onwards it will be different right from my everyday schedule …..

Because there was something for me waiting and expecting me to get attracted ….

I woke up at 9 – 10 am and going through TV channels for news on our Independence day …. which everyone does ….

And suddenly I don’t know from where I wanted to eat Gulab Jamuns ( An Indian dish ) ….

I didn’t told this to my mom …. But somewhere in my mind I had a feeling that will get to eat this today itself …..

This was just a mere wish which I wanted to come in reality and The crazy thing …… I trusted this wish …..

After then I started my daily routines ….. Then at 4 – 5 pm I decided to meet my friends and hang around for a while …..

After then when I came home ……. I was just surprised to see some Gulab Jamuns were kept on the table …..

My mom had bought from my mother in laws house ……. that moment was like extraordinary for me …..

I think something was there to learn today ….. Something we know but still blindfolded on a fact …..

Today I have everything which I had expected when I was very small around 9 – 10 years old …..

Things like friends … real friends … cool merchandises funky hair look and all the stuff which I saw others wearing and living ……

I have all these stuff today ….. Today I am a grown up guy and I had everything I wished when I was small ….

The main problem is we expect too much for our life ….. Money, fame, family, royalty, respect ….

But the main reason to be happy upon is that we have it all once ….. But we were too careless to let it lost in the memories of time …..

Life is to be happy …. To live upon what we have today ….

Not to be feeling sad on what we had yesterday …..

Expect everything from life …. But for this u should feel your positiveness towards life …..



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“Dream” a success step ….


“Dream is god’s grace …. its our right …

Dream is an unknown fate …. stay till you might …

Dream is never too late …. grab all you like …

Dream is an unseen flight …. not to be denied ….

Dream, dream, dream …..

This entire life is a dream …. Live all you like …. “

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Unbievable History !!!!!

Football originates from China, yes China believe it or not it was the first sign of what our game is today, and even more it was created around 200-300 BC and it was known as (Medieval Football).


Introduction: Firstly,  it is important to define what football is and understand how it has evolved. One common assumption is that the word ‘football’ describes the kicking action of the foot against the ball. This is etymologically incorrect. The word ‘football’ is from the English language and from early medieval times the term ‘foot ball’ was used to describe ball games played on foot, not necessarily with the foot. Taken literally this could include sports such as basketball, netball or volley ball. However, these sports are not considered part of the group of games looked upon as football even though the first basketball game was played using a soccer ball. Traditionally football is a word that has been used to describe a family of ball games which share common origins. This would include sports such as American Football, Rugby football, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football and Association Football to name a few. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) have for many years recognised that historically the Ancient Greeks and Romans played a ‘foot ball’ game comparable to those played in medieval Europe. More recently the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has extended their definition of football to include ancient ball games played in China and Japan despite there being no known connections between these games and those played in medieval Europe. No other World governing body of any other form of football have attempted to redefine the origins of their sport in the way FIFA have. Not surprisingly this has lead to there being some confusion over the origins of Association Football.

Association Football: The rules of Association Football (F.A. rules) were written by Ebenezer Cobb Morley in 1863. To prove any link with F.A. rules and the ancient game played in China it would be necessary to demonstrate that Ebenezer was in some way, directly or indirectly, influenced by the game of ‘Cuju’ played 500BC. FIFA have attempted to establish links with the British community which lived in 19th centaury China and Cuju speculating they may have taken the rules of Cuju back to England where they were used as a blueprint for Association Football. FIFA were unable to find any evidence to support this hypothesis. Despite this FIFA went on to extensively publicize the idea that in their opinion similarities between the two games amounts to “scientific evidence” even though there are profound differences between the two games and ignoring the fact that from first principles Cuju meaning ‘kick ball’ contradicts the etymology of ‘football’ meaning ‘a ball game played on foot’. The reality is F.A. Rules Football (1863) and the earlier Cambridge Rules football (1848) both evolved from attempts to standardise the various forms of football which had been played in public schools and in the villages of England for hundreds if not thousands of years. This culminated in the creation of two forms of football ‘Soccer’ and ‘Rugger’. The reason two different football games evolved from the earlier Cambridge Rules was primarily due to the FA rule which prevents outfield players from handling the ball other than for throw-ins to restart the game when the ball leaves the field of play. Some of the founder members Football Association clubs would not accept this rule. Consequently, this led to a split which saw one of the original Football Association clubs, the Blackheath Club, leave the Football Association to help create Rugby Football Union (RFU) in 1871. Ironically the Barns club, another Football Association founder club, which was captained by Ebenezer Cobb Morley against Richmond Football Club in the first ever association rules football match, was later to become a Rugby Union Football Club (RUFC). Today these two games are simply referred to as ‘Football’ and ‘Rugby’ respectively in Britain.

Ancient forms of football: there is evidence dating back to 2500 BC that supports the idea the ancient Egyptians played various ball games on foot. Linen balls, some covered in catgut for better bounce, were recovered from Egyptian tombs. However, the rules to Egyptian ball games are unclear so it is debatable weather they were playing games we could look upon as football based on the medieval description of a ball game played on foot. It is documented that the ancient Greeks developed a form of football called ‘Episkyros’ or ‘Phaininda’ which they played as early as 2000 BC. This game was played on a pitch between two teams of 12 -14 players. Later on The Romans developed this game further calling their version ‘Harpastum’. When the Romans came to Britain they introduced the game to the native Celts only to find they were already played a kicking game. What type of game this was is unclear, but what is known is that there were trade routes that extended to Greece long before the Romans arrived so the Celts may well have been playing a form of Episkyros introduced via the trade routes. What is certain is that the ancient Greeks were playing a form of football 1500 years before the Chinese game of ‘Cuju’ appeared in China. Incidentally, an image of player ball juggling take from marble relief appears on the UEFA European Cup.

Conclusion: Although the possibility that the Ancient Egyptians played ball games that resemble football cannot be ruled out, the ancient Greeks ball game of Episkyros agrees with the etymology and definition of football by the earliest recorded rules. Later adopted by the Romans and renamed Harpastum, this game is known to have been played in the Roman provinces including Britannia. The game could have spread to China; however, for such as simple game it is more likely the Chinese created their own unique ball game independent of outside influence. The reasons FIFA have extended their definition of football to include ball games which have no historic connection to Association Football is unclear. Having done so it is arguably even more confusing that they ignore the fact the Greeks and Romans were playing ball games that fit the definition of football 1500 years before Cuju was played in China. In recent years FIFA have been promoting their football product in China so perhaps their motives are more financial than ethical. Other research has shown the native populations North and South Americas developed their own unique ball games. This supports the idea playing ball games on foot is a truly global phenomenon with multiple origins and with various localized innovations.

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History of Weed

Maria Sevastaki's Weblog

From 2727 B.C. to the present, Weeds presents a brief history of cannabis. New episodes Monday at 10PM ET/PT beginning June 8th only on Showtime. Music by Emeen Z at

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A step towards preserving the nature ……

“We know the science, we see the threat, and we know the time for action is now.”

— Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Chennai: A software engineer couple in Chennai have been troubleshooting all ‘trash’ problems. Chennai grapples with over 3,200 tonnes of solid waste everyday and much of it is recyclable. This struck two young software engineers, Sujatha and Jegan, the couple who started in November, 2011. Kuppathotti, when translated in Tamil means a ‘trash can’. This eco-friendly initiative also helps some souls to make a quick buck.

The process is simple – If you’re in Chennai, all you need to do is log on and register. A call from the website follows to schedule a visit to your house. Pile up your empty milk covers, bottles, books, plastics, metal and paper waste. The Kuppathotti agents will then weigh them and even pay you for your junk.

For many like Hindi tutor Vasantha Ranganathan, this effort by the youngsters has come as a boon. “For people like us who are senior citizens, it’s very difficult to carry things from home and we have to look forward for somebody’s visit to help us. But these people are so helpful, we are so thankful that such a site has been created,” Vasantha said.

The trash collected from the houses is then dumped in a godown where it’s sorted and sold for recycling. The profits have not yet started trickling in but the business model generates a turnover of about Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh per month. The founders now have bigger plans.

“Currently in India, the e-waste is not properly dismantled. So we’re planning to concentrate more on the e-waste side soon,” Jegan said.

Just six months since its inception, over 7,500 Chennaiites are already logging on to dump their trash. Sujatha and Jegan are planning to expand their operations to other cities too and for the moment it looks like their virtual trash can is only getting bigger.

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Blind belief _ Truth

“Pain and Sorrow an anonymous part of  one’s life”

“Just like the blind and gentle breeze, running through the skins….

Regardless of the Future, Careless about the Past …

Just Ahead is the world of Pain and Sorrow in my heart….

Covering the belief of the blindfolded Truth for a better start …..

I will fight before you all my life, just to prove my existence of this art … “

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Blind truth


“Pain and Sorrow an anonymous part of one’s life”

“Just as a steady and gentle breeze, kissing our skins ….

Running through every inch of our body and soul, heart and not the brain are their wings ……

Careless for the past and future, Regardless of the behavior and destinations ….

JUST AHEAD is a lesson in one’s life book ……

Causing a deep and dark effect is the PAIN…

And the Mind-blender magician is the SORROW….

Explaining a new morale over the blindfolded TRUTH ….”

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Humans an uncertain past and future ……. A superpower of an era


By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

                                                                                        – Adolf Hitler

“God” an unseen beauty of the unnatural power of the nature…

An undefined body of existence still blindfoldedly believed..

Though being a power house on the earth ….

Mutating from a ape towards an unexpected civilization ….

The creation of an unholy unexplainable assassin of his own brotherhood are the “HUMANS”

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